iOS Engineer & Creative Technologist

Creative Technologist & Notch Designer for Fedez - Paranoia Airlines Tour

Responsible for system design, integration and programming of Fedez - Paranoia Airlines Tour 2019. Visual effects and interactions have been designed using Notch VFX, the block has being played back and programmed on a Disguise VX4 and tracking has being provided by Blacktrax interfaced with d3.


Realtime visuals using Notch VFX, Blacktrax and Disguise d3
for Fedez at Paranoia Airlines Tour

Holding Out For You - Notch.jpg
Fuck The Noia - Notch.jpg
Generazione Boh - Notch.jpg


Creative Direction: Lorenzo De Pascalis
Lighting Designer : Jacopo Ricci
Show Direction : Lorenzo De Pascalis & Jacopo Ricci
Notch Design / Programming : Marco Martignone
Disguise Programming : Nicholas Di Fonzo
BlackTrax Provider : BOTW
LED & Media Servers Rental : STS Communication
Video Content : IAMDEPA, TwentythirdC, Darrion Garnieri, Teun Van Der Zalm, K1LABS, Akral